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The Principle Of The Sound Box
May 16, 2018

The principle of the sound box

The audio files in the computer are transferred to analog audio signals through a sound card, and then the output of the analog audio signal. At this time, the level of the audio signal is weak, usually only a few hundred milli volts, and it can not promote the normal work of the horn. The voltage that pushes the horn to work normally requires a few volts, and a small signal from the sound card is needed to be amplified by an amplifier (commonly known as amplifier). The amplified audio signal can push the horn to convert the audio signal to sound wave. And now the latest USB multimedia speaker can not require a sound card. It introduces digital audio signals through the USB interface of the computer, and then the USB multimedia speaker converts the signal to a quasi audio signal through a dedicated USBIC chip inside, thus realizing the function of replacing the sound card.