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The Phonation Principle Of The Sound Box
May 16, 2018

The combination of traditional (ordinary) sound and vibration and sound has both the vibratory sound of vibrating sound and the sound of traditional loudspeaker.

Medium mixed sound is mainly combined with the vibration sound vibration sound technology principle and the ordinary sound paper drum horn sound principle, the two fusion; in fact, the medium resonance hybrid sound is very good understanding, medium resonance is through the vibration medium sound, and the combination is the traditional sound horn sound, the general It is the combination of traditional ordinary sound and vibration sound, the sound quality is clear and not said, the effect of heavy bass is more significant, the major cities all over the country have to sell, have not seen such sound of music enthusiasts, can go to experience, should not let you disappointed!

The principle of sound transmission of ordinary (horn) sound

Medium resonance mixed sound, sound principle, the use of vibrator vibration sound + paper drum horn sound, we often use sound people know, ordinary sound in addition to professional sound, ordinary sound heavy bass are not enough, low sound a good point of the general volume is not small, this is mainly due to the use of loudspeaker sound The sound is greatly influenced by the size of the sound unit body, so a lot of multi-media audio directly uses the bass gun and the external sound box, which fully expands the volume of the sound unit body, but it has a great limitation on the sound shape. This is why the sound we see in the market is usually the four square of the four sides. The reason for this is that the bass effect is not very good.