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The Main Classification Of The Folds Of The Sound Box
May 16, 2018

There are different styles of multimedia speakers according to different classifications. Now let's look at some of the common categories:

According to the different material of the box, there are common plastic and wooden boxes.

According to the number of speakers unit, there are (full band unit) of single horn unit and double (or three) speaker unit (two or three frequency division).

According to the number of channels, there are 2 types (double channel stereo), 2.1 (double channel plus overweight bass), 4.1 (four channel plus overweight bass), and 5.1 (five channel plus overweight bass) sound box.

According to the structure of loudspeaker unit, there are ordinary loudspeaker unit, flat speaker unit, aluminum belt single horn unit and so on. Note: the ordinary horn unit can also be divided according to the material of the vibration film (paper basin), such as the bass unit has paper basin, wool basin, PVC basin, polypropylene basin, metal basin... And other materials, high pitch unit has metal ball top, soft film top.

According to the output of the computer, there are common interfaces (sound card output) speakers and USB interface speakers.