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The Development Of Multimedia Sound Box
May 16, 2018

Multimedia speakers, also known as "computer speakers". Compared with the traditional speakers, it has the characteristics of small volume and easy operation. It can meet the needs of multimedia applications of ordinary consumers.

A multimedia speaker with a new trumpet unit

Because of the gradual popularization of LCD displays, the computer systems with these new devices have also put forward corresponding requirements on the volume of multimedia speakers, and some new speaker technologies have also entered the multimedia sound box industry. The most representative is the NXT technology in the UK and the aluminum tape speaker technology. The main features of these technologies are that the horn unit is very thin and does not use the box box, but their sensitivity is low (only about 80dB), and the power is not very high, the frequency band is not wide enough, the high and low frequency of the NXT product is not very good (low frequency is about 200HZ, high frequency is about 10KHZ), the middle and low frequency of the aluminum strip unit is not very good (low frequency about 300HZ), But the medium and high frequencies are very good, so these speakers are best equipped with a subwoofer. With the progress of science and technology, we believe that these shortcomings will be gradually improved. After that, we will introduce products and manufacturers in this area.