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The Composition Of The Sound Box
May 16, 2018

1. Interface part

It needs an interface part connected with the sound card in the computer case (if the USB speaker is connected to the USB interface of the computer). Only in this way can the sound signal output from the sound card be introduced into the speaker amplifier. Normally, the interface part is made up of a two core shielded cable with three core plugs at both ends (if the USB speaker is used, the USB interface special cable is needed).

2. Amplifier

The second part is the amplifier, the function of which is to amplify the sound card sent by the sound card (or USB chip output) to drive the speaker to sound normally, while the amplifier has control functions such as the volume control, the pitch gain and attenuation control, and the sound field control in the part of the amplifier. The system, such as SRS.

3. A sound box

The last part is the sound box, which is responsible for converting the audio signals sent by the amplifier into sound waves. The sound box is made up of a box (usually made of wood and plastic) and a horn unit. If the amplifier and the sound box are separate, we call the sound box a passive sound box: if the sound box and the amplifier are assembled together ( Usually the amplifier is installed inside the speakers, which we call the active speakers. The vast majority of multimedia speakers in the market are active speakers, because relatively active manufacturing costs are lower than passive speakers. However, the sound quality of passive speakers (including independent amplifiers) is often higher than that of active speakers. If USB speakers are used, the USB audio decoder and control part should also be added to the multimedia speakers.