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The Characteristics Of The Sound Box
May 16, 2018

1, position requirement

Anyone with a common sense of voice should know that the placement of speakers has great influence on the sound quality. But for multimedia speakers design, this has to be relaxed. Because the computer table can not provide a good positioning environment, more unlikely to provide a large space space, the stability of the computer table is not likely to be compared with the special speakers. Therefore, the design of multimedia speakers must be designed to be very flexible for the placement requirements (which is also one of the blind spots of domestic manufacturers).

2. Sound correction

The ideal sound box should be "dyed" in the sound, that is, the impact of its own characteristics on the source sound to the lowest, but the multimedia sound box can not be required, because the sound quality of the multimedia sound box, that is, the sound card or the CDROM driver is not high, so the multimedia sound box must have a certain sound correction function. In order to ensure that the user finally heard the best sound effect. One of the typical examples here is the innovative sound box design. For many years, many users feel that the innovative sound box has a better effect than the other brands of sound cards or sound boxes with innovative products when they match the innovative sound cards. The main reason is that the innovative sound box is designed to deal with the defects of the creative sound card soprano and the very low tone, and the digital sense is strong, which makes up the source defect of the innovative sound card.

3. High cost performance

Sound box price is reasonable, you can use low price to hear high quality music or sound.