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Technical Innovation Of Multimedia Sound Box
May 16, 2018

As we all know, the multimedia sound box is the "computer sound box", its main sound source is the computer, which is doomed to its sound environment is a near sound field, with the change of the way people listen to sound, people's demand for the sound box is also changed. Most of the speakers are basically a change in the use of multimedia computers, and simply do some physical changes to the traditional prototype, that is, reducing the volume of the sound box, reducing the size of the speaker, and reducing the size of the speaker.

Power amplifier power reduction and listening distance are shortened. Without considering these changes, what changes in the acoustic environment of listening, what the sound field has taken place, and what effect the sound mechanism of the box has on close listening?

In fact, most of the speakers do the same, change the sound box unit, change a model, even a new sound box, and in order to solve the problem, the domestic sound box brand - "Microlab" independently developed and put forward "net listening technology", "net listening skills" is to adapt to the different times, combined with the Hi-end concept, root According to the change of the people's listening habits, it is designed carefully. It is a perfect solution to the needs of high quality and individualized listening.