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Sound Box Features
May 16, 2018

1, near sound field

This concept is more complex to understand. The so-called near field loudspeaker refers to the distance between the speaker and the listener.

Very close, generally less than one meter. And half freedom refers to the loose position and posture of the listener. For HI-FI and other sound, you may have heard of a word "emperor position", only when the listener is in this position can he hear the best voice. But for multimedia speakers, it is obvious that users can't sit still on the throne like HI-FI.

For the "half free near sound field" sound box, it is necessary to make a special design of its acoustic structure, which is completely different from the ordinary HI-FI or home theater sound box, so the multimedia sound box is not a reduction of the HI-FI sound box (and many domestic manufacturers have made serious mistakes on this issue).

2, small power

Because of the limitation of the power supply equipment of the computer system, the multimedia sound box is a near sound field system, so the multimedia sound box is a small power system. It is usually only a few watts of power. The situation of hundreds of watts, like HI-FI or home cinema, does not exist. This requires the design of its amplifier circuit to be as small as possible. Good sound quality is also different from home acoustics.