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Multimedia Sound Box With Sound Lifting Technology
May 16, 2018

This sound technology that simulates the real environment is the Dolby surround sound that was introduced and implemented by the Dolby Laboratory (Dolby). These technologies include Dolby directional logic, Dolby AC-3 (DolbyDigital. Dolby digital logic), and THX and DTS. The multimedia speakers using AC-3 technology include products such as innovation, Hisense and the Great Wall manufacturers.

Using the sound field simulation technology (including virtual simulation technology) the multimedia audio box products are mainly used in the appreciation of DVD, VCD and other video software, and the users will have the feeling of "being in the way" like the cinema. The above introduction is the multimedia sound box using the real simulation technology, and the multimedia sound box with virtual simulation technology is more in the market (especially in the domestic market), but its use effect is not very good. Therefore, from the direction of development, the virtual sound field simulation technology in the multimedia speaker is not the direction (except the USB speaker), the research direction is the virtual sound field processing technology of the sound card. For example, the new generation of sound card products of innovative company adopts sound field processing technology.