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Why do you feel tired to sing?
Aug 13, 2018

If the amplifier's amplification of the microphone signal is large enough, you can get a high sound pressure by whispering. If the power amplifier is wide enough for the microphone signal to be amplified, it can better express the sound details and sing it tired. The reason is that the amount of amplification is not enough or the dynamics are not wide enough. It may be congenitally insufficient (the amplifier or the microphone itself has shortcomings), or it may be improperly debugged and used. It can be summarized as follows.

A. Karaoke equipment seems to be a simple product between civilian and professional. In fact, it is very professional. It is quite skillful in design, manufacture and use. It is very good for manufacturers who can really do karaoke equipment. There are not many tuning engineers who can apply the sound system. In the market research, we found a very amazing fact. No matter 95% of distributors, engineers or entertainment venues, KTV equipment can not be correctly understood. Of course, it is impossible to properly debug and maintain the equipment. Good, equipment is often bad can be imagined. Due to the squeaking of machine, microphone and speaker defects, the main performance is: slow response, narrow response bandwidth, insufficient amplification gain, low sensitivity, unreasonable impedance matching, large component loss, and poor balance of speakers, microphones or machines. Low fidelity...etc. To solve the hardware problem, of course, there is only one way, that is to change.

The microphones in the KTV rooms are basically moving coils to the center of the microphone to avoid noise.

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