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Why do you feel that vocals are separated from background music?
Sep 08, 2018

When the effect circuit is not well debugged, there will be a feeling that the human voice is separated from the music, and there may be a problem that the human voice is buried and the argument is unclear. To debug an effect circuit, you must first understand the basic principles.

If the microphone signal is directly output through several stages of amplification, there is only the sound of the microphone itself. This is called "direct sound", which is equivalent to turning off the reverberation depth knob. The "effect" is handled by taking a part of the signal from the "direct sound", delaying the delay circuit, adding a repetition of the sound through the oscillating circuit, and controlling the modified effect sound and the direct sound through the reverberation depth knob. Proportion, this is the basic principle of the effect. High-end DSP effects will increase the pitch of some sound effects, and combine various parameters in the effect to form so-called "church", "concert hall", "bathroom" and other modes.

The length of the delay time can be determined according to the space size of the singing environment. Generally speaking, the space is large, the number of sound reflections is small (the sound absorbing material is more), the delay time is longer, and even more than 200 milliseconds, the space is small. In a strongly reflective environment, the delay time should be shortened, perhaps tens of milliseconds. If the delay time is too long, the sound will be turbid, the muddy water will be dragged, the delay time will be short, the sound will be monotonous and dry, and the roundness will be lacking. The length of the delay will also feel the length of the space changes, the delay is too short will feel the space distance is short and there is pressure.

The number of echoes is mainly used to create a sense of space, resulting in a “valley effect”. The appropriate number of echoes will create a beautiful and natural sound field. When debugging, you can hear the number of repetitions with a tip of the tongue. The number of repetitions of 15-20 square rooms is 6 The next time is appropriate.

The depth of reverberation determines the degree of integration between vocals and accompaniment, and also affects the ease of singing and the sense of harmonics of vocals. Generally, the use should not be adjusted too small. People with high singing levels can reduce the depth of reverberation, let the "direct sound" more, in order to show themselves as much as possible; people with a slightly poor singing level should not directly hear too much sound, otherwise the defects will be exposed, and the reverberation depth should be properly added. Big, singing bad places is easy to "take the past."

KTV audio equipment is one of the most frequently used equipment in audio equipment. Most users and maintainers have not received professional training, which is easy to cause operational errors. It affects the normal operation of equipment and degrades sound quality. In particular, it damages equipment, especially Damage the horn. A good tuner must first adjust the tone reasonably to ensure the sound quality, and then use the gain to control the speaker protection, instead of blindly reducing the mid-to-high pitch ratio.