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What is the stage sound
May 16, 2018

Average output power refers to the power that works continuously for a long time. Peak power is the maximum power that can be sustained in a short time. It is much larger than the rated power. The output of amplifying is decided by the power amplifier. The concert of certain scale must have certain power, the standard is one watt per person. According to the type of concert, the size of the venue, reverberation and the number of speakers, the power will change.


The main function of the mixer is to magnify the multichannel input signal, mix, group, tone color, sound effect processing, sound broadcasting, and program recording. In addition to the function, the mixer has the features of simple operation, pure static, smooth, smooth, wide frequency and distortion. Total power / output power of a power amplifier = the number of power amplifiers required.


The quality of the microphone determines the pickup effect of the performance or conference. To meet live performance, press conference and so on. All conference pickup requirements, sound system equipped with suitable microphone. Microphone: ordinary microphone, professional wireless hand-held microphone and professional wireless clip microphone.