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What is the rated output power of the amplifier?
Aug 06, 2018

 In this state, the power amplifier works safely and reliably. In fact, there are several preconditions here: First, the mains voltage is required to be 220V. If the mains fluctuates, the output power of the amplifier will change accordingly; the second is the impedance specification for the load (speaker), for example 2 *150W (8Ω) power amplifier, the output power will reach 230W under the condition of 4Ω load. The three factories have an ambient temperature of 20 ° C during the output power test of the power amplifier. If the heat is not good when used in a KTV room, even if it is working under the rated power conditions, the power amplifier may be damaged, and the rated power of the four power amplifiers. It means undistorted output power. It does not mean that the power amplifier can only output this power. If the power distortion is increased and the output is increased (increased volume knob), the output distortion power is very large, far exceeding the rated power. For example, the maximum output voltage of a 150W (8Ω) power amplifier that is not distorted should be less than 35V (power = voltage 2 / resistance). When distortion occurs, the output voltage may rise to 40V, then the distortion power will reach