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What is the power of the speaker?
Aug 04, 2018

  There are several ways to express the power of the speaker, which can easily cause misunderstandings by the user, resulting in damage to the speaker caused by improper use. Some of the parameters of the speaker are marked with rated power, that is, long-term power, indicating that long-term use will not be damaged under this power state. The factory test rated power is based on a pink noise signal for 48 hours at a constant temperature of 20 °C. The use environment in KTV rooms is rather harsh, and the music contains many large dynamic peak signals. It is recommended that the input power is less than 20% of the rated power. It is safer to use the speakers. Some speaker parameters are marked with peak power, which is 3-4 times the rated power. For example, the power rating of the BMB brand CS-450MKII is 450W. The speaker's tolerance to peak power is conditional. The time setting is 1 second, and it can only be repeated 10 times. If it exceeds, it may be damaged. For the speaker with peak power, please use it carefully. It is recommended that the power not exceed the peak value. 1/4 of the power.