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Type of portable sound-2
May 16, 2018


The portable loudspeaker is also the popular portable small sound box, most of which use the SD/U disk, Line in three sound source input methods, and many will match the FM audio, remote control and other functions. In view of the user's mobile performance requirements, most of the choice of passive design, the lithium battery or the battery can be replaced from the body. Type. With the development of integrated chip and sound box horn unit, the portable loudspeaker is becoming smaller and smaller, and the endurance time is increasing. The domestic small sound box likes to use BL-5C as the power supply scheme, and extends and develops the rich functions of the FM one key search platform, the lyrics synchronized display, the touch screen, the voice and the song and so on. Mature voice and song small speakers are listed, Putonghua has high accuracy rate, and there are songs supporting minority dialects. From the perspective of ergonomics, most of the small speakers are arranged in a flat long strip to facilitate handheld design. Starting from the convenience of cost and processing, ABS engineering plastic shell is used mostly, and a few high-end products are made of metal shell.