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Type of portable sound-1
May 16, 2018

Folding player

The difference between CD and CD/MP3 Walkman is the decoder chip. The decoding chip of the CD and CD/MP3 Walkman can not only recognize and decode the CD signal, but also recognize and decode the data signal in the MP3 format; the CD/MP3/VCD portable player increases the recognition and decoding function of the video signal. Frequency output interface; because the working current when playing VCD disc is larger than that of playing CD disc, it is suggested that a random distribution adapter is used when playing the VCD disc. CMV320 series Walkman of gold industry, is a collection of CD/MP3/VCD play function in one, with infrared remote control, 9 screen browsing and playing and other functions of the latest products. With the rapid development of digital information technology, more new functions will appear in portable audio products, and more types will enter the market. The above mentioned "portable" signal source includes two aspects of audio and video, which is a product of earlier years, and today's portable signal sources are various, MP4, portable DVD and other products have become the new expensive in the market.