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Type of portable sound
May 16, 2018


SONY, as the first player of Walkman, realized the existence of these problems and began to explore a brand new audio technology that is more suitable for carrying. In 1986, SONY successfully developed a single written ---WO (Write Once Disc). In 1988, on the basis of WO, SONY also invented the ---MO (Magneto Optical Disc).MO technology which can be written many times. The technology has shown the direction of the technology. Using this technology, not only can the storage medium be repeatedly Sassafras, but also the volume of storage medium can be further reduced. In 1989, the R & D team led by Tsushima Katsuki, the SONY audio technology department, displayed a prototype CD prototype that could be recorded at the sound exhibition of the year. This disc used the same technology as MO, which laid a solid technical foundation for the birth of later MD (MiniDisc).

In May 1991, a new storage medium ---MD (MiniDisc) was announced, the size of the disc was customized to the diameter 64mm, and the recording time was 74min. Compared to a CD, the size of the disc was only 1/4 of the CD disc. In addition, ATRAC digital audio compression technology came into being. In order to ensure the portable performance of the final product and reduce the jump caused by vibration in the process of carrying, a seismic memory technology based on semiconductor medium is also developed simultaneously. The breakthroughs of these technologies make the future MD combine the advantages of tape recording, CD high quality, high speed random play and quick search, while SONY clearly defines the difference between CD and MD Walkman, CD for leisure time music appreciation, and MD is to enjoy high quality music anytime and anywhere.