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The gain of each level of the microphone on the power amplifier is not enough, causing insufficient amplification and feeling tired
Aug 17, 2018

As mentioned earlier, the microphone gain is too large to cause whistling, and the microphone input is too large to damage the horn. Now, when it is said that the gain is not enough, it will sing tired. It is really contradictory. The key is to find a balance point for debugging. Experienced tuner will generally open the microphone's single volume knob (first level) as much as possible (usually open to about 2/3) to ensure sufficient dynamics, then the total volume of the microphone (third level) Open to the maximum, then adjust the microphone maximum volume lock knob (second level) to control the overall gain size, the best working point is generally a little after the whistling critical point, of course, to ensure that the microphone vocals are not distorted when shouting loudly.

Some customers have chosen a low-power amplifier to match the high-powered speakers. Of course, it will be safe and reliable. The result is counterproductive. It causes the "small horse-drawn cart" mentioned above, not only the sound is not good, but also the DC output is easy to burn. Bad trumpet.