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Sound technology of stage acoustics-1
May 16, 2018

Three, choose high sensitivity mic, which can enhance the mic's sound transmission gain and make the auditorium get enough loudness. Outdoor performances are often far away from MIC and mixer, so it is better to choose wireless MIC appropriately.

Four, protection of power lines: speaker system energy comes from the power grid circuit, if the power circuit failure, the audio system will have problems. Therefore, the power supply circuit should be carried out by local professional electricians for technical support. The whole line mixer, indoor switch or temporary generator car shall be protected by special security personnel.

Five, protect the loudspeaker line: the distance between the power amplifier and the sound box is generally far away. In order to prevent the circuit breakage and short circuit caused by the failure and damage of the amplifier, there must be a special person to protect the loudspeaker lines. The output impedance of the power amplifier is very small, only a few ohms, but the sound power is very high, so the power is very high. The flow is also large, the line distance is not too long, and the truncated area is not too small, so as to avoid unnecessary noise power loss, if there are conditions, the power amplifier can be put in the closer position of the sound box to reduce the meaningless loss.

Six, the sound teacher should keep in touch with the assistant of the audience through the interphone so that the sound teacher can more accurately and more timely grasp the acoustics effect of the audience, so that the adjustment can be made in time.