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Sound technology of stage acoustics
May 16, 2018

Theatre stage and other indoor theatrical performances, the first requirement is sound art. First, the quality of sound and color should be guaranteed. It should be pleasing to the ear and sound, the sound and color are beautiful. The outdoor art performance is the first one to require the sound technology. The performance is relatively difficult, so there are many specific technical requirements:

One, the sound system should have a strong power reserve: outdoor outdoor sound field, need to have a strong power, because the outdoor sound field to improve the sound pressure level of 3dB, the power needs to increase 10 times, according to the formula 10logp2 /p1 =xdb, can calculate the sound field specific values.

Two, to hoist loudspeakers: outdoor theatrical performance sound box placement can not be too low, the low sound box sound sound is easy to be sound by the audience, producing plunder sound absorption phenomenon, especially the high loss of high audio frequency, so it is necessary to install the loudspeaker, medium or high sound and outdoor special sound box (the sound box is equipped with high power. The loudspeaker's sound wave in the air is far away from the air, so that the audience can get enough loudness.