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Several points for the sound debugging of the stage specialty
May 16, 2018

Before debugging, we must conscientiously understand the system structure and the performance of the equipment, because only the overall grasp of the system and equipment, we can make a feasible debugging scheme according to the actual situation, in order to estimate the possible situation when debugging, otherwise, the system and equipment are not familiar with the blind tune. Try, the result certainly won't be ideal. Especially for some new and special equipment which we rarely use in the general project, we must study its principle, performance and operation method carefully before installation and debugging. Before debugging, we must check the system and equipment settings thoroughly. Because the installation and the single machine inspection process and the system debugging are different, the setting of the equipment is often random. Before the debugging, some important setting buttons have been completely different from the actual requirements, so the comprehensive inspection is necessary. It is best to record the settings of each set.

3. When debugging, the corresponding debugging methods should be adopted according to the characteristics of the system. Because the system index of the sound lighting project may be different, the equipment involved is not the same. If it is debugged according to the general method of engineering debugging, the result will not be ideal. For example, a sound system without feedback suppressor, if it does not refer to the result of the design, only depends on the long time and high gain expansion to find the feedback point, which may result in the damage of the sound box.