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On the stage sound
May 16, 2018

The audio equipment, which is mainly used for stage performance, is commonly called stage audio, and stage audio is an important branch of performance equipment.

Professional stage audio equipment include listening mixer; power amplifier mixer; portable mixer; power amplifier; moving coil microphone; capacitive microphone; wireless microphone; audio box; audio box; hyper bass box; equalizer; reverberer; time delaying device; compressor; noise door; recorder; cassette; DVD; Projector, tone sander, song player, earphone and so on.

The tuner is a professional in charge of all the audio equipment on the stage. First of all, we need to concentrate all the sound sources into the mixer, and then divide them into various sub paths, marshalling and adjusting, and then send the output of the general sound to the amplifier and the sound box to make sound adapted to the sound characteristics of the field. The tuner needs to know the music characteristics of each link, the frequency of the most easy feedback, and the resonance point of the site to control the volume of each song and to balance them. In addition, it is also necessary to use an effector to improve it.

Voice, musical instruments and familiarity with the functions and limitations of each device do not cause distortion and other adverse effects. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of the equipment selected, we should prepare for possible failures in advance and take effective remedial measures in time. Sometimes it is necessary to complete the preparatory work several hours before the performance. Although the time is very tight, in order to be safe, each signal line must be answered by itself.