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How to match the power when selecting the amplifier and speaker
Aug 09, 2018

When selecting amplifiers and speakers, we recommend that the power rating of the amplifier should be slightly larger than the rated power of the speaker. The general size is 20-30%, and at the same time, it must be equal. It must not let the power rating of the amplifier be less than the rated power of the speaker. cart". The small horse-drawn cart will cause the bass performance of the whole system to be weak and weak, and the dynamic and musical performance levels will be worse. If the user excessively increases the bass pitch knob or the volume knob, the output distortion will be successfully generated. Pedestrians often say "clipping", resulting in DC output (normally, the output waveform of the power amplifier is an alternating current sine wave, which will "clutter" to form an approximate direct current). In the case of DC output, the power amplifier can not control the speaker, it will burn. When the power of the power amplifier is greater than the power of the speaker, it is necessary to control the output of the power amplifier not to be too large, so that the power amplifier has sufficient "power reserve", and has good dynamic performance without damaging the speaker.