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How to maintaine the speaker
Jul 31, 2018

1 the new machine test machine should pay attention

When many people buy new audio, they can't help but feel excited and want to plug in the power. You should always pay attention to the circuit that directly impacts the amplifier when the speaker is not connected to the amplifier. The sound is a passive device, and all the energy comes from the output of the power amplifier. When this road is not connected, if it is powered on, the amplifier can be guilty. It is the power amplifier that is sinned at the time of booting. It is your ear to be guilty of listening to music later. Therefore, be sure to check whether all the devices are connected after booting. After confirming, turn the volume knob to the minimum to restart the system. If the system makes a strange sound, it is best to turn off the power, please professionally debug, generally do not recommend the player to start the diagnosis, otherwise it will affect the hardware performance.

2 try to use at a reasonable ambient temperature

The ambient temperature of the sound should be controlled at least between -10 ° C and 40 ° C. The temperature environment should avoid large fluctuations. Excessive temperature changes and the use of sound in extremely low altitude environments can cause irreversible damage to the sound system.

3 pay attention to the environmental humidity

In terms of environmental humidity, the sound should be placed between 50% and 80% relative humidity. An environment that is too humid can cause premature failure of components inside the machine or rust inside and outside the machine.