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How can I feel that the clarity of the singing is poor and the sound level is not good?
Aug 26, 2018

This situation is caused by the poor balance of the microphone system. It may be that the frequency response of the microphone itself is not flat, and there are some frequency bands missing or improved. Different microphones have some sound tips, and some sound sinks are uneven performances.

What's more, the debugger mistakenly thinks that the middle and high-pitched tones of the small machine can protect the tweeter from damage (often the tweeter damage is too big, not the tone), and the result is that the vocals are mixed and boring.

Different usage environments will also affect the clarity of the singing. This is mainly due to the absorption of sound waves in different environments, reflection and standing wave points, which can be improved by changing the speaker position and adjusting the sound absorption and diffusion materials.

The adjustment of the tone knob should understand a few basic reasons: the bass is the basis of the sound, the lack of sound will not have the thickness, the hair will float; the excess will be mixed, causing the layering to become worse. The midrange is the strength of the sound. If it is too strong, the sound will move forward and produce a sense of oppression. If it is too weak, the sound will be faint, and the sense of hearing will be weak. The treble is the clarity of the sound, the excessive sound will be sharp, the lip and the teeth will be harsh; if it is lacking, the sound will be dry, inactive, and the details will be poor.