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About the portable sound
May 16, 2018

The current "portable" audio products mainly include two portable signal sources (CD/MP3) and portable loudspeakers, and many other portable loudspeakers are equipped with USB\SD playback and "portable" to the end; the portable sound source and headset system is more early, from the earliest cassette Walkman to the later. Portable CD and MP3 player. With the development of technology, the function of the "portable" sound products is gradually increasing, the volume is getting smaller and smaller. Although the sound quality is limited by the volume, the sound quality of the portable loudspeakers is better than that in the past.

The "portable" sound source products on the market have tape Walkman, CD and CD/MP3 Walkman, and CD/MP3/VCD portable player, all of which have the common features of "small, light, fine, good expansibility". For example, the mechanical system of the old tape Walkman requires a certain strength in the transmission, so it must be very "rough". In 2012, a logical electronic control machine was used to change the previous mechanical operating system into a new system with simple and reliable operation with CPU, so that the shape can be done smaller, thinner and more than before. It is exquisite, stable and reliable.