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  • hot selling speaker mass production
    now more and more people like speaker with video display . They can enjoy songs and video at same time ! TOday we video speaker mass production .
  • Why do you feel that vocals are separated from background music?
    Karaoke is a self-entertainment singing mode without band accompaniment. The accompaniment music is mixed with the microphone sound and output to the speaker replay. In order to make the vocals and music mix well together, there is a special effect circuit. The parameters can be adjusted externally. This is often referred to as delay, repetition and reverberation depth. The English identifiers are: DELAY, REPEAT, ECHO.
  • New private boom power speaker mass prodcution
    After 3 months testing and developed ,our new and private models are on mass procution today ! Welcome order and inquiry .We firmly sure more and more customers will like our speakers quality and design .
  • WIFI touch screen video wireless speaker
    From basic function USB ,Bluetooth ,FM ,video speaker ,now we spend 3 monsth to developed newest version with WIFI and touch screen video speaker to meet more and more people requirements .
  • How can I feel that the clarity of the singing is poor and the sound level is not good?
    This situation is caused by the poor balance of the microphone system. It may be that the frequency response of the microphone itself is not flat, and there are some frequency bands missing or improved. Different microphones have some sound tips, and some sound sinks are uneven performances.
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