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  • The gain of each level of the microphone on the power amplifier is not enough, causing insufficie...
    The gain of each level of the microphone on the power amplifier is not enough, causing insufficient amplification and feeling tired
  • Why do you feel tired to sing?
    If the amplifier's amplification of the microphone signal is large enough, you can get a high sound pressure by whispering. If the power amplifier is wide enough for the microphone signal to be amplified, it can better express the sound details and sing it tired. The reason is that the amount of amplification is not enough or the dynamics are not wide enough. It may be congenitally insufficient (the amplifier or the microphone itself has shortcomings), or it may be improperly debugged and used. It can be summarized as follows.
  • How to match the power when selecting the amplifier and speaker
    When selecting amplifiers and speakers, we recommend that the power rating of the amplifier should be slightly larger than the rated power of the speaker
  • What is the rated output power of the amplifier?
    The rated output power of the power amplifier refers to: "Long-term output power under undistorted conditions (generally, the output distortion does not exceed 1%)".
  • What is the power of the speaker?
    As the name implies, the power consumption of the speaker means that “the input speaker will not be damaged if it does not exceed the indicated power, and it will be able to withstand it”.
  • How to maintaine the speaker
    When you buy the speakers ,you enjoy the music and entertainment from the speakers .We want speaker can last long time .Then we need to know how to maintain speakers .
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